They also affect the pricing for your structure as these laws may affect how the structure is built. You can customize the building to fit any size needs. Call Us 1-800-748-7188 Discount steel buildings at factory direct pricing are available on the models listed below. Each type of building has different functions, so understanding the use for each is important. Steel buildings are typically used in agricultural and industrial applications, although a wide number of other industries are also adapting them to their use. See how much your steel building will cost here. Start planning your Oklahoma metal building project today with the specialists at Rigid Buildings. Protecting your prized asset is of the... A General Steel building kit is an ideal solution for entrepreneurs looking to build an auto shop or mechanic garage. We can provide estimates for concrete, erection and even turnkey services through our builder community when we deliver your building quote. These buildings span 2,400 square feet, so they have more than enough room for bedrooms, bathrooms, living room, kitchen and any other rooms you want incorporated into the building. For barn structures, the prices range from $1,200 up to $26,000. Chat with us or Give us a call now to get your own custom tailored building with Free Delivery and Installation. Permitting was a bit difficult but the guys at General Steel assisted and made it happen. A tube frame runs from $9,000 to $24,000 depending on the required size. Average prices for steel structures do not take customization into consideration. From doors, windows and insulation to color schemes and even faux stone siding, the possibilities are endless. will have an effect on the final cost. When building with steel, you can purchase a pre-made structure to save time spent on the project. One way our building system significantly reduces project costs is by decreasing construction timelines. Call us at 940-383-9566 with your desired details and we can provide an estimate for you! There’s no need for toxic chemicals to keep a steel structure functional. WE HAVE RECEIVED YOUR REQUEST FOR A PRICE QUOTE. Keep in mind that customization will affect these prices. Start planning your Tennessee metal building project today with the specialists at Rigid Buildings. If you have any questions on this list please call 1-800-805-0084 for immediate assistance and an exact metal building price … From our premium I-beam buildings that deliver the highest quality building system available to our C-Channel and economy buildings that provide an all steel structure for less, our team is ready to help you decide which building is the right choice for your project. Want additional features that you don’t see here? The clearance steel buildings and/or specials for sale listed below will need to be evaluated for your region’s snow and wind load requirements and the site conditions. Costs could range from $3,405 for a small steel building to over $45,200 for a large, industrial-sized steel construction project. Learn about post-frame construction. Mueller, Inc. has served the southwest with high quality steel buildings, metal buildings, metal roofing, and components for over a quarter of a century. Rigid Global Buildings manufactures metal and steel buildings that are designed according to the highest levels of soundness and quality. In addition, look for a company that has very high standards and pre-shipping inspections integrated into its manufacturing process. Warranties can range from 20 to 50 years depending on the company. Here is a sample inventory of the available metal building kits and metal buildings for sale at clearance sale prices ready to ship anywhere in the world. Freedom Steel is BBB accredited. MBMI offers a 40-year warranty for their structures. We have the tools, resources and most importantly the experience to make your project a true success. Tube buildings are primarily for carports, though Quonset huts can fall into this category. Many businesses are moving to steel buildings when it comes time to start a new building project. All Rights Reserved. Our all-round 14-gauge and 12-gauge structural steel can be useful to handle heavy rains and to create the best building of your choice within your budget. The most common structures are I-beam, C-channel, and tube buildings. Price Your Building Building Kits Get A Free Quote Today! Whether you are looking to upgrade your family horse ranch or your family’s rural home, metal barns from General Steel are cost-effective... A steel building from General Steel is a versatile solution for any pre-fabricated brewery. We also decided to purchase a steel building from General Steel so we could start maintaining our fleet of 90 vehicles on site. Mueller also offers structures for any need. Start with our pre construction checklist to discover what you need to account for and how our design packages can make a feasibility study simple. The warranty is another important consideration. Nothing is more important to us than providing you with an accurate quote and getting you into a building at the most affordable price. Yes, we have the industry’s largest network of qualified steel building contractors. When the University of Central Florida wanted to upgrade to an indoor football facility, they turned to General Steel to complete the project. Prices for the I-beam structure range from $9,200 and up depending on your needs. ft. metal building. One of the biggest dangers to a structure is a natural disaster. This is superior to companies that only sell components of buildings, as these require a great deal more engineering knowledge and care in order to create a solid and reliable building. This means your project can take less than one month to complete. The team we will assign to your personal project is made up of the industry’s most knowledgable and accomplished steel building professionals. With a steel building, you can easily expand if necessary. They focus on customized building options. Don’t rely on prices from previous years when considering your building options. The following price ranges are based on a typical standard RHINO 5,000 sq. The concept behind steel buildings is to forgo wood construction altogether in favor of strong, long-lasting steel.

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