He makes another brief appearance in the opening menus, coming out of the Naughty Dog crate with Crash, Cortex, Coco, Tiny and Oxide. Aku Aku may refer to: . After Crash runs from Cortex and washes up on N. Sanity Beach, he frees Aku Aku, who provides his magical services throughout the game, scattering Aku Aku crates all across the three islands. Aku Aku reprises his role from Crash Team Racing in Crash Nitro Kart, giving useful advice and acting as a power-up for the characters Crash, Coco and Crunch. Aku Aku is a happy, good-hearted, and peaceful being, but at the same time, he knows when to take important matters (like saving the world) seriously. Aku Aku now has a wider and broader face than his original model and has feathers covering all the edges of his face apart from the bottom. In the platforming Crash games, from the original up until Crash of the Titans, if 3 masks are found, Crash becomes invincible for a limited amount of time, with Aku Aku being placed on Crash's face during this period. He also acts an an NPC in the Adventure Pack level Thumpin' Wumpa Islands. It was stated on the Crash Bash website that Aku Aku is protective over Coco. It is revealed that he has memories of he and his mom before she died of an old age, and before he and Uka Uka went seperate ways. So Crash and Aku Aku set out when they met Spyro and Sparx where they teamed up to stop Cortex and Ripto. After a piece of shrapnel from the Cortex Vortex plummets to Earth and demolishes Uka Uka's underground prison, Aku Aku hears his evil laughter in the distance, and tells Crash and Coco of how he sealed him there eons before, to protect the world from his malice. In the beginning of the game, he is seen discussing weight loss with Crunch before their home is abducted and sent to Velo's Citadel. Aku Aku resides in Wumpa Island, living with Crash, Coco and Crunch, to whom he plays a sort of fatherly role. Aku Aku masks make cameos in Crash Tag Team Racing as masks held up by spears on the track Tiki Turbo and can be heard saying his noise when he is summoned. In the English version of the series, Uka Uka is voiced by Clancy Brown, who also voiced Doctor Neo Cortex, from Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped to Crash Nitro Kart. Aku Aku is the ancient voodoo mask spirit of an old witch doctor, who looks over the southeast Australian islands as if he was its god. He gives occasional warnings during races, when one of his racers falls out of bounds or attacks a teammate. This may have been added in to explain his purpose to new players of the Crash Bandicoot franchise. In Crash Nitro kart he returned to four feathers, which are red, blue, yellow, green. 100% officiële gelicenseerde functionele figuren die 20cm hoog zijn en worden geleverd met een kabel van 2 meter voor het opladen van je apparaat, het is de perfecte partner voor elke slaapkamer, kantoor of lounge. In his cameo appearance in Crash Tag Team Racing they are red, blue, yellow and green. His appearance changed from a rectangular mask to a more circular mask. Crash Bandicoot: Chick and Stew's Misadventures, Crash Bandicoot: On Broadway Promotional Shorts and Songs, https://crashbandicootfanon.fandom.com/wiki/Aku_Aku?oldid=8699. He also seems to understand what Crash is saying, often translating for him. He also seems to understand what Crash is saying, often translating for him. One of my favorite parts of the game was the you hit the right box and this … Aku-Aku: the Secret of Easter Island is a 1957 book by Thor Heyerdahl published in English the following year. all bases and cords are included in the package. As of Crash of the Titans, he is voiced by John DiMaggio, who previously voiced Tiny in Crash Nitro Kart, in the English version of the series. Personal illustration of the coolest character from Crash Bandicoot Dit is een houten replica van het personage Aku Aku uit de crash bandicoot video game serie! Just like in Crash Team Racing and Crash Nitro Kart, he helps Crash giving him some hints and advice in the game about Power ups and his quest to help Yaya. In the N. Sane Trilogy and Nitro Fueled they are blue, yellow, orange and magenta. Ik heb veel van dit videospel gespeeld, en ik ga in fan art. Copies of him ar… He is the deuteragonist of the series, as well as a father figure to Crash, Coco and their friends. This is AkuAku Desk Light s designed in house at FanFit Gaming + each one is made from hand bent glass tubing, so each light will be slightly different ( but all still awesome!) He also gives Crash various hints throughout the game. He can even be used as a skateboard for Crash. Whenever Crash gets into trouble, they work together to help him however they can. AKU AKU LIGHT: As you play the Crash Bandicoot games, turn on this Aku Aku Light! Later, after Uka Uka is defeated, he teams up with his evil brother to defeat the Evil Twins, but they are unsuccessful, as shown when the Evil Twins appear to return the lifeless masks to Crash and Cortex. As usual in the Japanese version, he gives hints when freed (except if the mask gives invincibility, or in Time Trial mode). After a race, he congratulates the racer and gives the good characters racing advice, such as how to power slide successfully or get a TNT Crate off their head. TranceKomodo JoePinstripe He is also obedient to the rules of his superiors "The Ancients", mysterious beings who strangely have never been seen. Aku Aku is perfectly capable of understanding what Crash is trying to say. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Doctor Neo CortexNina CortexKoala KongUka UkaNitros OxideZamZemN. He is similar to Sparx; both act as health for the main protagonist of their series. When N. Tropy attempted to abduct him and hypnotize him Aku Aku was able to free him (creating Fake Crash in the process). In the adventure mode of Crash Team Racing, Aku Aku serves as the player's tutor for the good characters (Crash, Coco, Polar and Pura) and welcomes them to the adventure arena. He lost the green bags under his eyes and his goatee, and now has green leaves on his sides. He is still capable of little speech, and he doesn't act upon Cortex tricking Crash into collecting the Crystals for him. After you place your order we typically ship within 1-2 business days. You will notice that Aku Aku's face is grey yet his item icon shows his usual brown color. Initially appearing simply as a power up, … . Video Games He also appears on the hint screen during load times, but no longer supplies hints during levels, not even in the Japanese translation. Like in the previous games, he protects Crash (not like the other games however, Coco is a playable character and is protected by Aku Aku as well) from any obstacle, aside from falling. Crash Bandicoot: Warped revealed that Uka Uka had been pulling Cortex's strings from behind the scenes; however, the voodoo mask was only freed when the doctor's space station crashed into his prison during the beginning of the third game. Although the lights don't get hot to the touch, this is generally good advice To keep your lights looking crisp and shining their best, occasional dusting is all you'll need to do. Akuaku, a former settlement in New Zealand; Aku-Aku (mythology), beings in Easter Island mythology Aku Aku, a character in the Crash Bandicoot series; see List of Crash Bandicoot series characters#Aku Aku; Aku-Aku, a book by Thor Heyerdahl; Aku-Aku [], a Norwegian documentary film about Thor Heyerdahl "Aku-Aku", a song by Styx from the album Pieces of Eight (1978) He has thin green lips and darker markings on the sides of his face, indicating sideburns. RELATED: 5 Reasons A Crash Bandicoot: Wrath Of Cortex Remaster Is A Good … Be the first to tell the world how great this product is! Unsurprisingly, it was Aku Aku who imprisoned his brother in the temple. We were lucky to escape". Another thing is in the level Ship Happens why can Cortex have an Aku Aku, when that's before Cortex decides to work with the protagonists. When he sensed Crash's and Coco's journey to ruin Doctor Neo Cortex's plan for world domination, he befriended them and scattered copies of himself to aid them.

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